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Coaches' Corner

Attention Coaches/Managers!

Applications are being accepted for those wishing to manage a 2019 All-Star Team!

All Applications must be turned into ONLL President, Travis Gomez (personally or email no later than May 12, 2019

Click on Coaches' Corner "Forms" to print the form.

Bus. & Prof. Code Section 18900

A community youth athletic program must provide written notice to the parent or guardian of a youth participating in the program regarding the program policies relating to criminal background checks for volunteers and hired coaches in the program. If criminal background checks are obtained for hired or volunteer coaches, the written notice shall contain both of the following: (A) a statement regarding whether the criminal background check includes state and federal criminal history information and whether the program obtains subsequent arrest notification for those individuals; and (B) contact information regarding where the parent or guardian of a child participating in a community youth athletic program can obtain additional information about the program's background check policy, such as the entity providing the criminal background check or the nature of the type of offenses the program searched. Written notice is satisfied by a posting on the community youth athletic program website. A community youth athletic program is defined as an organization that: (A) has a primary purpose of the promotion or provision of athletic activities for youth under 18 years of age; and (B) has adult employees who have supervisory or disciplinary power of children.

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