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Pancake Breakfast is scheduled for May 20th, tickets are $10.  Half of every ticket sold comes back to ONLL.  Please see coaches and managers for details.

Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball game is scheduled for May 27th.  Ticket purchase is $40 and includes all you can eat food in the Pavilion at Dodger Stadium.

ONLL is interested in creating a Fall baseball league.  If you are interested please inform your coach and manger so the league can determine if there is enough interest.

ONLL is in need of volunteers for the upcoming TOS All-Star Tournament.  Please forward your name and email address to coaches and managers. 

2018 Cash Calendar Winners!!!

March                                                                                       April

10th - $200 Winner- Billie Powers    1st- $50 Winner- Ruby Castillo

11th- $50 Winner- Lisa Morinini        2nd-$50 Winner- Glenda Estes

12th - $50 Winner- Frinn Robley       3rd-$50 Winner- Stephanie Rozek

13th- $50 Winner- Eric Kantorowski 4th- $75 Winner- Esmeralda Youngquist

14th- $75 Winner- Herb Cantu          5th- $50 Winner- Brian Garcia

15th- $50 Winner- Richard Pacheco 6th- $50 Winner- Jacob Hendricks

16th- $50 Winner- Cindy Breede      7th- $100 Winner- Monique Hoyos

17th- $100- Christina Lagrimas        8th- $50 Winner- Debbie Wegemer

18th- $50 Winner- Nick Kautz           9th- $50 Winner- Tiffany Anderson

19th- $50 Winner- Katie Lemieux        10th- $50 Winner- Larry Shubert

20th- $50 Winner- Karen Bailey        11th- $75 Winner- Milena Hernandez

21st- $75 Winner- Elva Morales            12th - $50 Winner- Jim Woodard

22nd- $50 Winner- Ted Perez           13th- $50 Winner- Bill Ashbrook

23rd- $50 Winner- Teresa Paredes   14th- $100 Winner- Bill & Betty Rozek

24th- $100 Winner- Stephanie Bassett  15th- $50 Winner- James A. Douglas

25th- $50 Winner- Patricia Sly           16th- $50 Winner- Chantel Ortega

26th- $50 Winner- Jerry Benavidez    17th- $50 Winner- Buddy Hain

27th- $50 Winner- Judy Ortiz             18th- $75 Winner- Susan Luke

28th- $75 Winner- Dylan Still             19th- $50 Winner- Frank & Shiloh Holguin

29th- $50 Winner- Kyle Toyama         20th- $50 Winner- Trevor Kruger

30th- $50 Winner- Mark & Karla Norling 21st- $100 Winner- Mike & Melissa Herr

31st- $100 Winner- Antonio Ordaz     22nd- $50 Winner- Debbie Denney

23rd- $50 Winner- Danny Flynn

24th- $50 Winner- Marvin Cantwell

25th -$75 Winner- Sandra Gummerman

26th- $50 Winner- William Cheadle

27th- $50 Winner- Gail Allee

28th- $100 Winner- Diane Lopez

29th-$50 Winner- Carissa Brandt

30th-$50 Winner- Bill Baker  

**Stay Tuned for additional winners**

Please take a look at our Info Page for information about the new Little League Bats! 



Here is a link for a coupon to help anyone who needs to purchase a new bat.

The league will provide 5 bats per field for the Farm and Minors fields.

Big 5 Coupons.pdf 

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Orcutt National Little League

P.O. Box 2302

Orcutt, CA 93457

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