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2018 Cash Calendar Winners!!!

March                                                                                       April

10th - $200 Winner- Billie Powers    1st- $50 Winner- Ruby Castillo

11th- $50 Winner- Lisa Morinini        2nd-$50 Winner- Glenda Estes

12th - $50 Winner- Frinn Robley       3rd-$50 Winner- Stephanie Rozek

13th- $50 Winner- Eric Kantorowski 4th- $75 Winner- Esmeralda Youngquist

14th- $75 Winner- Herb Cantu          5th- $50 Winner- Brian Garcia

15th- $50 Winner- Richard Pacheco 6th- $50 Winner- Jacob Hendricks

16th- $50 Winner- Cindy Breede      7th- $100 Winner- Monique Hoyos

17th- $100- Christina Lagrimas        8th- $50 Winner- Debbie Wegemer

18th- $50 Winner- Nick Kautz           9th- $50 Winner- Tiffany Anderson

19th- $50 Winner- Katie Lemieux        10th- $50 Winner- Larry Shubert

20th- $50 Winner- Karen Bailey        11th- $75 Winner- Milena Hernandez

21st- $75 Winner- Elva Morales            12th - $50 Winner- Jim Woodard

22nd- $50 Winner- Ted Perez           13th- $50 Winner- Bill Ashbrook

23rd- $50 Winner- Teresa Paredes   14th- $100 Winner- Bill & Betty Rozek

24th- $100 Winner- Stephanie Bassett  15th- $50 Winner- James A. Douglas

25th- $50 Winner- Patricia Sly           16th- $50 Winner- Chantel Ortega

26th- $50 Winner- Jerry Benavidez    17th- $50 Winner- Buddy Hain

27th- $50 Winner- Judy Ortiz             18th- $75 Winner- Susan Luke

28th- $75 Winner- Dylan Still             19th- $50 Winner- Frank & Shiloh Holguin

29th- $50 Winner- Kyle Toyama         20th- $50 Winner- Trevor Kruger

30th- $50 Winner- Mark & Karla Norling 21st- $100 Winner- Mike & Melissa Herr

31st- $100 Winner- Antonio Ordaz     22nd- $50 Winner- Debbie Denney

                      23rd- $50 Winner- Danny Flynn

**Stay Tuned for additional winners**

                   ATTENTION MANAGERS & COACHES!!

Please provide the scores of your games to the league information officer so that standings can be updated.

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Here is a link for a coupon to help anyone who needs to purchase a new bat.

The league will provide 5 bats per field for the Farm and Minors fields.

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